AlphaPoint Asset Digitization

Making Illiquid Markets Liquid™

Digitize assets to launch new markets and reduce operational costs with next-generation blockchain technology.

Private Shares

Information on shareholders of SMEs has traditionally been maintained manually on spreadsheets or even on paper, with each party holding its own siloed records. Blockchain platforms make it easier for companies to interact with shareholders, providing  ownership transparency and availability to execute on the secondary market.


Reduced costs and greater market participation due to process automation and simplified workflows. The duplication of information among counterparties, excessive manual processes, data re-entry, and lengthy settlement times creates cost and delay in today’s loan markets. Using blockchain technology can highly reduce costs due to process automation and simplified workflows.

Wealth Management

Increase value and participation in normally illiquid markets. Current solutions manage only already “digital” assets. Illiquid assets including art, aircraft leases, collectibles, fine wine, real estate, and more can be digitized to provide provenance, price discovery, and lending with the transparency and efficiency of blockchain.


Billions in per annum savings and new market opportunities across the commodities sourcing and trading lifecycle. Transforming physical assets into tradable digital assets creates liquidity and lowers barriers to entry in asset classes traditionally dominated by institutional investors individuals.


Greatly reduced FX processing times, processing fees, and reliance on intermediaries. Blockchain technology can transfer payment across currencies, almost instantly for a fraction of today’s costs.


Token sales, or Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), are quickly becoming an important means for entrepreneurs and organizations to raise funds for blockchain-based projects. ICOs are disrupting traditional financial models, creating the need for solutions to manage the issuance, management, and behavior of tokens.

Optimized for Enterprise Deployment

  • Best-in-class security techniques leveraging hardware and software technologies
  • Configurable and customizable consensus and permissioning
  • Built for the enterprise and modular architecture for high performance deployments

Enterprise-grade tools

  • Manage and search across all assets
  • Monitor blockchain network and environment
  • Modular, lightweight, extensible platform
  • 24/7 system support
  • Product agnostic and protocol interoperability

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