AlphaPoint Indexes™ and AlphaPoint Smart Baskets™

Digital asset and cryptocurrency benchmarking and investment tools

AlphaPoint Indexes™

Combining the most liquid and most valued cryptocurrencies, AlphaPoint Indexes enable advanced trading and asset management strategies, mirroring overall market performance, and creating derivate products that enhance the liquidity and transparency of those markets.

The Index family provides a transparent rules-based benchmark for institutional and retail investors.


AlphaPoint Leaders Index™

Top market capitalization cryptocurrencies representing over 80% of the $200+ billion cryptocurrency market


AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index™

Top traded cryptocurrencies representing over 80% of the trading volume in cryptocurrencies

AlphaPoint Indexes™ provide:

  • The ability to benchmark investment results against overall sector performance
  • The ability to create and/or invest in derivative products
  • Improved liquidity and the ability to invest in groups of cryptocurrencies and digital assets through a single exchange
  • Valuable data to inform risk management, research, modeling, and forecasting functions

AlphaPoint Smart Baskets™

Smart BasketsTM are digital tokens that are made available on jurisdictionally appropriately licensed, registered or operating venues.  Exchange Operators who use AlphaPoint’s Exchange (APEX) product’s Smart BasketTM Function and AlphaPoint Indexes can create Smart Basket Tokens – baskets of underlying tokens that mirror the performance of the reference index.

Smart Baskets enable investors the ability to:

  • Invest in the performance of a sector while passively managing their digital asset portfolio through automated re-balancing.
  • Mirror the performance of AlphaPoint Leaders Index™ or AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index™ with their basket of tokens.

AlphaPoint Leaders Index™

*Examples of AlphaPoint Smart Basket™ Tokens based on the AlphaPoint Leaders Index™

AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index™

*Examples of AlphaPoint Smart Basket™ Tokens based on the AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index™

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