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Blockchain Intelligence Group

Blockchain Intelligence Group’s BitRank Verified® is available on AlphaPoint marketplace to provide risk mitigation and regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Global cryptocurrency compliance and intelligence company.

AlphaPoint clients will now have a tool for fast, easy and accurate cryptocurrency risk monitoring with BitRank Verified® through our integration partnership with Blockchain Intelligence Group. Clients will have the ability to screen addresses before cryptocurrency transactions are processed, with real-time scoring flags for transactions or addresses associated with terrorism financing, money laundering, human trafficking, and dozens of other flags for criminal activity.

Blockchain Intelligence Group is a BlGG Digital Assets company providing global cryptocurrency compliance and intelligence through its state-of-the-art security tools.

Blockchain Intelligence Group Compliance Suite :

  • BitRank Verified®
  • QLUE™
  • Investigation Services
  • Address


What does it take to integrate with Blockchain Intelligence Group ? For more information contact support@alphapoint.com or request a demo directly.

Blockchain analytics & cryptocurrency intelligence.


Blockchain Intelligence Group ecosystem delivers best-in-class crypto tracking, analytics, risk monitoring, compliance, attribution, visualization and tracking.

Blockchain Intelligence Group builds technology to power compliance and intelligence for the crypto future. Banks and crypto companies depend on this technology to monitor risk from crypto transactions. Investigators and law enforcement quickly identify and track illicit activity. Blockchain Intelligence Group is trusted globally by banks, crypto companies, law enforcement, fintechs, regtechs and governments.

Blockchain Intelligence Group’s Compliance Suite, offers clients a comprehensive suite of tools for cryptocurrency forensics and real-time risk mitigation; BitRank Verified® is a scoring system that helps assess the risk of crypto addresses and transactions.

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