AlphaPoint announces Margin Trading product empowering global network of Digital Asset Exchanges and Brokerages to offer Margin Trading

NEW YORK – November 12, 2019 – Today, at Consensus Invest in New York, AlphaPoint announced the launch of AlphaPoint Margin Trading & Risk Management capabilities for exchanges and brokerages powered by AlphaPoint technology. AlphaPoint customers who deploy Margin Trading will be able to offer leveraged trading features to their end users with the ability to borrow funds and enter long and short positions on hundreds of digital assets. Exchange and Brokerage operators will have the ability to configure their offering based on their unique market and regulatory requirements. This exciting new product will offer a competitive advantage to global and regional exchanges and brokerages with best-in-class retail and institutional trading capabilities.Margin Trading - AlphaPoint

AlphaPoint Margin Trading & Risk Management product further extends the company’s technology platform adding to existing tokenization and white-label digital asset exchange products. Years of development have led to a deep suite of tools for exchange owners to operate Margin enabled marketplaces with configurable and customizable settings.
AlphaPoint Margin Risk Management system will enable exchange operators to configure their marketplace to the needs of their customers. Configurable Risk Management Settings include:

  • Configurable Leverage Levels
  • Liquidation Controls
  • Per Product Interest Rates
  • Multiple Settlement Types
  • Multi-Collateral Support
  • Minimum Deposit Amounts
  • Per Product Customization
  • Margin Account Approval Workflow
  • Balance & Position Monitoring
  • Margin Call Support
  • Account Level Risk Settings
  • Multiple Position Closing Option


Exchange operators will be able to use these advanced risk management tools to offer a variety of Margin trading solutions to the market. Operators can customize options for traders and including various leverage levels, interest rates, and other settings based on customer and regulatory requirements. Margin trading offers traders the ability to take larger positions based on their strategies as well as hedge positions with significantly lower capital requirements.

In anticipation of larger trading volumes and activity, system enhancements have been made to performance and security to enable efficient markets at peak volatility and demand. In addition to backend risk management tools, a full suite of trader interface and position management capabilities have been developed.

“We have been working on Margin for a long time and are proud to bring it to market. Our goal is to constantly innovate and provide the tools that allow our customers to grow and succeed.” said Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to see this capability offered in more countries and venues than ever before. We will continue to develop more capabilities to empower marketplace operators to offer the best price discovery and liquidity solutions in the market.”

Several firms are in testing to roll out Margin Trading to traders including National Digital Asset Exchange Inc. (, a cryptocurrency trading platform in Canada.

“NDAX has set a new standard for the Canadian Cryptocurrency scene with industry leading security, integration into the Canadian banking system, and providing a diverse selection of Cryptocurrency assets to the Canadian Market. Partnering with AlphaPoint as a technology leader was an easy decision as our synergies as leaders in the industry are aligned,” said Bilal Hammoud, Founder and CEO of NDAX. “Together, we will bring BTC to CAD margin trading to Cryptocurrency and allow traders to enjoy a secure, compliant, and technologically advanced platform.”

AlphaPoint will be sharing more on this announcement at Consensus Invest in New York, NY. To learn more about AlphaPoint, its upcoming rollout of Margin Trading products, please visit and sign up for our newsletter.

About AlphaPoint:
AlphaPoint is a financial technology company powering the exchange of digital assets globally. Through its secure, scalable, and customizable distributed ledger platform, AlphaPoint enables customers to tokenize assets and launch marketplaces with its white label exchange and asset tokenization technology. AlphaPoint and its award winning blockchain technology has helped institutions discover and execute their blockchain strategies since 2013. For more information, please visit and follow @AlphaPointLive.