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AlphaPoint Indexes

Transparent rules-based cryptocurrency market pricing benchmarks for institutional and retail investors.

Industry Benchmarks.
Derivative Products.
Institutional Crypto-asset Adoption.

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Tap into transparent, institutional grade, rules-based benchmarks measuring performance of the largest cryptocurrencies traded in US Dollars.
  • Indexes for the highest valued cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and for the most liquid cryptocurrencies by trading volume
  • The ability to benchmark investment results against overall sector performance
  • Mechanisms for asset managers to articulate investment strategies for cryptocurrencies
  • The ability for exchange operators to create and/or invest in derivative products
  • Data to inform risk management, research, modeling, and forecasting functions

APLDRS™: AlphaPoint Leaders Index

Index of top 5 to 15 cryptocurrencies, by market capitalization, representing over 80% of the cryptocurrency market.

APFMRS™: AlphaPoint Fast Movers Index

Index of top 5 to 15 traded cryptocurrencies, representing over 80% of the trading volume in cryptocurrencies.


AlphaPoint indexes are designed to measure the performance of the largest cryptocurrencies traded in USD. The APLDRS™ and the APFMRS™ are weighted by market capitalization and trading volume respectively, and include cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Stellar.

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