Remarket products from other exchanges - profit from upcharging

The remarketer copies orders from other exchanges such - as Bitfinex, BTCChina, and others - to your AlphaPoint exchange. You will be able to fully customize the remarket depth, thresholds, and the equation to upcharge orders. Fully supporting both sides of the market, your live exchange will have aggressive prices and profitable orders.

How it works

First, you add an external exchange to the remarketer, such as Bitfinex or BTCChina. We support many third party exchanges and will add more upon request. The basic configuration specifies the parameters for the remarker. If your exchange is providing non-USD pairs (ex: Bitcoin vs. Non-USD fiat), it will remarket using posted exchange rates. When a user buys a Bitcoin on your exchange, if the counter-side (sell) order was placed by the remarketer, it will immediately acquire the appropriate amount of Bitcoin from the third party exchange. When an upper-bound threshold of Bitcoin is reached on the third party exchange, the Remarketer will automatically transfer the Bitcoin to your exchange. A similar, reverse process satisfies users selling on your exchange. Multiple upper- and lower-bound thresholds control automatic transfers and administrator notifications (e.g.:low cash balance).

Remarket many types of products

Remarket to the world. You can likewise remarket to new fiat currencies using our FX exchange rate calculator. In this case, we will apply the FX rate to the fiat side so you can remarket Bitcoin/USD to Bitcoin/Your_Fiat. This is one of our most popular services in production today.
You can remarket Crypto-to-Crypto from leading exchanges, such as BTC-E or Cryptsy.

Highly-Reliable Design

The verified design ensures you do not have missing legs on your remarketed orders. If a third party exchange failure occurs, the administrator will be alerted immediately. Full logging and auditing reports show detailed sequence of events for all user and remarketer actions.

Production Proven

The Remarketer and Exchange bundle is in production today, providing crypto and fiat remarketing services globally . The FX rate calculator is currently providing the world's first Bitcoin/Norwegian Krone exchange pair at a competitive rate.

About the Team

Written by experts with experience writing automated trading systems. Our team wrote their first trading algorithm 16 years ago on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The team has experience developing multi-lingual futures and options trading platforms currently deployed in the US and China, HFT Risk Systems used by global banks, and a wide array of trading strategies for global clients. If the system needs to be customized, we are happy to provide such changes.

No Empty Order Book

Do not launch your exchange with an empty order book. The Remarketer enables your exchange to have a fully-populated, live, and dynamic order book, including historical charts, bolstering customer confidence.

  • Always Active Order Book
  • Working Historical Charts
  • Cross-FX Remarketing (XBT/YOUR_CURRENCY)

Platform Demo

For background on our proprietary exchange and blockchain-based solutions, please request a demo at your convenience.

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