Generate liquidity overnight and render profits from upcharging

The remarketer duplicates orders from a menu of leading exchanges to the customer’s own AlphaPoint exchange. Operators are able to fully customize the remarket depth, thresholds, and the equation to upcharge orders. Fully supporting both sides of the market, exchanges leveraging the Remarketer demonstrate aggressive pricing high order profitability.
How it Works

Initially, operators connect one or more external exchange to the Remarketer. Basic configurations specify the parameters for the Remarketer. If your exchange is providing non-USD pairs, it will Remarket using posted exchange rates. When a customer on the exchange buys a digital asset from the Remarketer (Remarketer sells to the customer), the Remarketer will then buy the same quantity of the digital asset on a source exchange. In a similar fashion, when a customer sells a digital asset on the exchange (the Remarketer buys from the customer), the Remarketer will then sell the same quantity of the digital asset on a source exchange. Administrator notifications are provided for low balances on both the exchange and source exchange.

Cross-FX Remarketing

Remarket a Variety of Products

Operators may likewise remarket to new fiat currencies using AlphaPoint’s FX exchange rate calculator, in which case the Remarketer applies the FX rate to the fiat side so operators may remarket, e.g. BTC/USD to BTC/Your_Fiat, or BTC/ETH to ETH/Your-Fiat. This is one of our most popular services in production today.


High Reliability Design

If a source exchange experiences extended latency or outages, operators are alerted and the Remarketer is paused. Full logging and auditing reports show a detailed sequence of events for all user activity and Remarketer actions.

No Empty Order Book

The Remarketer enables exchanges to have a fully-populated, live, and dynamic order book across a variety of digital asset markets on day one of operations.

  • Always-Active Order Book
  • Working Historical Charts
  • Cross-FX Remarketing

Production Proven

AlphaPoint Exchange and Remarketer products have been in live production for over 3 years across a variety of markets. AlphaPoint’s team has experience developing multi-lingual futures and options trading platforms in deployment in the US and China, HFT Risk Systems used by global banks, and a wide array of trading strategies for global clients. Remarketer strategies have been written by experts with decades of experience writing automated trading systems, on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and elsewhere.

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