Proven Blockchain Digitization & Trading Platform

Technology Overview

AlphaPoint has developed the AlphaPoint Distributed Ledger Platform™ (ADLP), a general-­purpose blockchain platform, from the ground up to streamline the deployment of distributed financial applications. AlphaPoint’s award-winning trading infrastructure, enabling organizations digitize financial instruments, rapidly create trading venues, and reduce operational overhead. ADLP provides firms and institutions a secure, flexible means of engaging with digital asset issuance, confidential smart contracts and automated workflows.

AlphaPoint TrustedVM™, a trusted virtual machine enabled by Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technology, which allows confidential smart contracts and blockchain services to run securely. Our unique approach in leveraging this technology is designed to help enterprises efficiently deploy blockchain solutions with unprecedented privacy and security. AlphaPoint’s platform has been deployed in production since late 2013, handling live volumes across a variety of asset classes.

Distinguishing Features

ADLP enables customers to digitize financial instruments, rapidly create trading venues for those same instruments, and manage pre-trade and post-trade workflows across a variety legacy and DLT systems.

The platform itself integrates with both existing financial infrastructure (such as FIX messages), as well as other blockchains, enabling firms to bridge the divide between existing and emerging protocols.

ADLP offers a suite of ready-made, production-tested components – including tools for risk management, external integrations, and order matching – that firms can leverage to rapidly test and deploy applications on the platform. These components are built on high-level APIs that sit on top of a secure set of proprietary libraries powering the ADLP distributed ledger.

Proven in Live Production
  • Running in live production live since 2013
  • 3 Live Applications – platform customers have transacted over $100 billion to date
  • Cryptographic auditability of all platform activity
Patent-pending Encryption Techniques
  • Functions as a permissioned-access blockchain on a secure enterprise network
  • Rigorous, customizable permissioning logic
  • Message-level and field-level encryption
AlphaPoint TrustedVM™

In collaboration with Intel®, the AlphaPoint Asset Digitization solution as designed at its core to help enterprises efficiently deploy blockchain solutions that implement business initiatives with world-class privacy and security. This solution was architected to create Trusted Virtual Machine™, or TrustedVM™, that leverages the trusted execution environment (TEE) that Intel® SGX enables. AlphaPoint’s solution utilizes the security and privacy capabilities of Intel® SGX, thereby allowing customers to benefit from several key technology and business advantages:

Faster time to market

Quickly develop and deploy blockchain applications with proven technology.

Hardware-enforced privacy and secure consensus

Execution and validation inside the TrustedVM™, ensuring data is not visible to any unwanted parties.

Lower and predictable costs

With linear scalability, this technology improves total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational efficiencies.

Simplified development

Confidential smart contracts and applications may be written in TypeScript and JavaScript, instead of highly specialized languages.

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