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Making Illiquid Assets Liquid.

AlphaPoint is the only enterprise-grade software that enables institutions to both tokenize illiquid assets and trade those assets on an exchange.

Connecting the Infrastructure of the Digital Economy

We are creating comprehensive technology solutions for clients, and opportunities for partners, across a wide range of capital markets stakeholders — asset managers, broker dealers, ATS or other licensed exchange operators, institutional traders, funds, asset owners, debt or equity issuers, family offices, custodians, market makers, software companies, or other organization in the digital asset ecosystem.

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Fundopolis Partners with AlphaPoint to Bring Blockchain Technology to Equity Crowdfunding

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Ten Steps to Create a Security Token

Download Guide – ‘Ten Steps to Create a Security Token’

By tokenizing previously illiquid assets, institutions are gaining access to new sources of capital. To learn how Security Token Offerings and blockchain-enabled smart contracts are transforming and improving traditional securitization, read our guide.

This Guide Covers:

  • Comparing Security Token Offerings (STOs) to traditional securities
  • Benefits of tokenized assets
  • Tokenization lifecycle and considerations for security token market makers
  • Ten essential steps to issuing a security token