It’s AlphaPoint’s 7th Birthday!


Our vision at AlphaPoint has always been that bitcoin and cryptocurrency would change finance. Our mission has been to play a part in that change by enabling access to this new asset class globally, a mission we have been steadily executing over the last 7 years. Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain have the potential to provide broader access to financial services, which would create a more equitable financial infrastructure that can bring about prosperity and freedom. The application of this trustless medium of exchange and store of value is broad, and it will likely take decades for the full potential of the technology to be realized.

Since the company’s inception on June 11, 2013, AlphaPoint has always been one of the ‘early believers’. We believed that bitcoin (and its derivatives) would revolutionize finance in a similar way to how the internet revolutionized communication, and we are proud to have been at the forefront of that wave.

Our technology enables our customers to launch marketplaces. These marketplaces allow customers to create, trade, and store digital assets. Powering our customers’ ventures has provided a unique viewpoint into the regional evolution and adoption of this transformative technology.

Now that our 7 year anniversary is upon us, it is nice to reflect on how far the industry, and we as a firm, have come.

When AlphaPoint was founded in 2013, bitcoin was trading at a price of $107 and only about $5.3 million worth of bitcoin was trading per day, with about 50,000 transactions happening on the bitcoin blockchain daily. Investment into the industry was beginning to accelerate, with $93.8 million invested into startups in the space. Large financial institutions largely ignored or rejected the technology. Furthermore, the market capitalization of all coins was under $1.3B, with most of that market cap being dominated by bitcoin, and the rest of that market cap populated by a quite different altcoin landscape.

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Today, the bitcoin price is hovering around $9,800, with an estimated $1 billion+ in real daily trading volume (published numbers are over $70 billion but the vast majority of that volume is artificial). Over 330 thousand bitcoin blockchain transactions happen daily, with well over 1 million daily total blockchain transactions happening, when you include Ethereum, EOS, and other major protocols. Almost $3 billion was raised by cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in 2019, and over $4 billion in 2018. Large financial institutions almost unanimously have active projects in the space or long-term strategies, and the market capitalization of blockchain protocol coins is over $270 billion with 17 individual tokens storing >$1 billion in value.

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In summary, the bitcoin price grew >9000%, the trading volume grew 18,767%, blockchain transactions grew by 1900%, and investments grew by 3098%.

Over this same period, AlphaPoint has supported over 150 customers, including some of the worlds largest financial institutions such as the CME Group, The Royal Mint, RBC, Scotiabank, Guardian Life as well as well known industry leaders such as Bitfinex and BTCC. AlphaPoint customers, such as First Bullion and Elevated Returns, are now receiving first in-kind regulatory approval for STO exchanges powered by AlphaPoint technology around the world. Also this year, Banexcoin launched one of the first SBS regulated digital asset exchange platforms in Peru and Bitazza launched the first licensed digital asset brokerage for both cryptocurrency and digital token trading regulated by the Thailand SEC.

We have been fortunate to have great investors who have aided us on our journey, such as early supporters Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Robinhood Ventures, Social Starts, Blockchain Capital and Galaxy Digital who led our Series A.

Throughout the growth of this industry, AlphaPoint has been able to raise a total of $23.5 million since its inception.

We started with a single flagship product, a white label bitcoin exchange solution, and now offer a whole suite of blockchain infrastructure solutions including Asset Tokenization, Brokerage & eOTC Software, Wallets/Custody Software & Liquidity Solutions.

Our flagship exchange product continues to be our core, providing the “Engine of Exchange” to power marketplaces around the world. We have helped our customers launch exchanges, brokerages & trading platforms in over 35 countries, providing over 1 million end users access to a new asset class, who in aggregate, have traded in the tens of billions.

AlphaPoint has been fortunate to have played a part in this financial revolution and to have earned the trust of our customers, partners, and the industry. To achieve that trust and execute our mission, we have followed a core set of values–which–until today–were inherent and unwritten.

To commemorate the anniversary, we worked as a team to identify and then write down those values which drive our actions. While not set in stone, these values help align our team and ensure that we deliver at the highest level to our customers, whom in turn, serve the broader community.

AlphaPoint’s Values

Integrity, Innovation, Empowerment and Execution Excellence.


  • We protect our customers & data with a security-first mindset
  •  We are accountable and take ownership of our commitments
  •  We are transparent & communicate honestly
  •  We are dedicated to providing reliability & redundancy


  • We create value and positive impact with technology and automation
  • We support a build / break / learn mindset
  • We work to invent simple yet powerful solutions
  • We reimagine how the world can work and aim for the moon


  • We support our team through continuous learning & autonomy
  • We empower our customers to launch new businesses that never existed before
  • We enable our customers to solve their own problems through education
  • We strive to be global citizens & empower our communities with our technology

Execution Excellence

  • We focus on a small set of priorities so that we can deliver quality
  • We measure twice & cut once for the highest precision & accuracy
  • We test everything and validate our work
  • We are hyper responsive to solve our customers challenges
  • We build foundations that scale


In Closing

Our goal remains to enable and empower our customers to provide access to digital assets globally. This requires continued investment in our underlying technology, customers, and team, while we grow.

We now know vastly more about crypto and blockchain than when AlphaPoint was first founded, but we still have so much to learn. We must remain vigilant and maintain a sense of urgency and dedication to addressing the industries challenges and be ready to seize new opportunities.

We are still in the early days of a cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. We are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and are even more excited about where we will go together in the future.

Igor Telyatnikov, CEO

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