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AlphaPoint Exchange Software

Join over 100 exchange operators who have chosen our secure, scalable white label technology. Manage the global trading of blockchain-based digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

Battle-Tested Infrastructure.
Powerful APIs.
Fast Time to Market.

AlphaPoint Digital Asset Exchange Software delivers:
  • A secure, stable white label backend solution that safeguards all digital exchange data by layered architecture providing enhanced security protocol for all customer assets.
  • A ready-made UI/UX tool set and full stack technology suite for easy integration across the organization.
  • Robust risk management with real-time error checking and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA.
  • Configurable order management system, matching engine, and order routing, with integration options for custody, KYC/AML, and settlement.


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Launching a Digital Asset Exchange

⌄ Download AlphaPoint’s ‘Launching a Digital Asset Exchange’ Guide

The demand to issue, acquire, and trade digital assets – proprietary tokens representing loyalty points, financial instruments, or natively digital currencies such as bitcoin – has grown exponentially over the past several years, creating a set of dynamic, overlapping exchange ecosystems. This guide offers an introductory guide for enterprises interested in understanding how to plan, launch and operate a successful exchange.

This Guide Covers:

  • How digital asset markets works
  • What technology powers exchanges
  • What business leaders, entrepreneurs,
    or established firms need to get started
  • Which factors contribute to an exchange’s success

The AlphaPoint System

White Label Crypto Exchange Software

Liquidity at Launch.

AlphaPoint Remarketer software delivers orders from a menu of leading exchanges to the customer’s own AlphaPoint technology powered exchange. This out-of-the-box software feature instantly adds liquidity.  The result?

  • Instant access to a global network of liquidity
  • Built-in FX conversion feature provides seamless multi-currency conversion for operators to work with clients across local exchanges
  • Scalable technology with modular architecture that supports all performance levels
  • Fully customizable remarket depth, thresholds, and equations to independently price orders
  • Fully supports both sides of the market; exchanges leveraging the Remarketer demonstrate higher order profitability

This secure, trusted platform allows Exchange Operators, Asset Managers, Broker-Dealers, Token Issuers, and Custodians to develop new revenue streams, maximize liquidity, and transact their businesses in the most efficient way possible.

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