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AlphaPoint Brokerage Exchange Software

Full-stack platform enabling broker dealers to offer client access to next generation asset classes.

Brokerage Software Product Features

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Only AlphaPoint provides the powerful combination of digital asset exchange technology with a robust network of additional exchanges to improve liquidity and increase access to capital. AlphaPoint’s full-stack platform enables broker dealers to offer client access to next generation asset classes.

Key Benefits:

  • Offer client access to cryptocurrency and other digital asset classes
  • Secure, scalable, and battle tested
  • Gain unprecedented liquidity, with access to network of 100+ exchanges that use AlphaPoint technology
  • Sector (or vertical) specific integrations
  • Blockchain agnostic and designed explicitly for protocol interoperability

1. Operator Controlled Liquidity

Multiple new liquidity sources and market maker connections provide access to competitive pricing and deep books.


2. Known Trusted Participants

Modifications to AlphaPoint’s world-renowned White Label Exchange Software enables limiting order matching to specified internal and market maker accounts, enabling compliance with regulatory requirements.

3. 2nd Level Order Book

While matching is restricted between end users, placing advanced orders is fully available including resting orders such as limit, stop limit, trailing stop limit and attributes such as fill or kill (FOK) and immediate or cancel (IOC)

AlphaPoint in Action: Bitazza

Bitazza - AlphaPoint


Following Bitazza’s acquisition of a digital asset broker license from Thailand’s Ministry of Finance, the company has expanded using AlphaPoint’s newly developed brokerage technology solution to launch the first digital asset brokerage business in Thailand offering institutional grade, smart routing of domestic orders to international markets with deep liquidity. Read the full case study here.

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