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AlphaPoint Asset Digitization Software

Clients use AlphaPoint technology to digitize assets, creating tokens for virtually any asset class, including currencies and securities.

Webinar – Real Estate Tokenization

Increase Liquidity.
Access New Capital.
Deploy Rapidly.

Blockchain-based asset digitization technology from AlphaPoint provides clients:

How to Digitize an Asset

Featured Download:
Ten Steps to Create a Security Token

Download Guide – ‘Ten Steps to Create a Security Token’

By tokenizing previously illiquid assets, institutions are gaining access to new sources of capital. To learn how Security Token Offerings and blockchain-enabled smart contracts are transforming and improving traditional securitization, read our guide.

This Guide Covers:

  • Lifecycle of digital securitization
  • Benefits of tokenization
  • Programmatic ten step process for security token issuance

Unlock the Value of Illiquid Assets.

A secure, scalable, streamlined solution for issuing blockchain-based digital assets and launching markets:

  • Easy-to-use, browser-based workflow
  • Customizable, white label front end
  • Decreased operational costs and transactional friction
  • Configurable issuer dashboard to manage multiple instances
  • Ecosystem of integrations for KYC and AML accredited investor checks
  • Enterprise-grade security


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