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AlphaPoint Certified Partners

Fostering a technology ecosystem for asset tokenization and secondary digital asset markets.

Partnership Ecosystem Benefits

Designed to accelerate the adoption and liquidity of digital assets in the marketplace, partner types include:

  • Integration Partners: AlphaPoint connects customers with the necessary partners and plug-ins to deliver a complete system that will allow them to issue, invest, and trade in digital assets across primary and secondary markets, including: payment networks, banking, custody providers, KYC and AML, trade surveillance, market makers, and custody/wallet solutions.
  • Liquidity: AlphaPoint has attracted partners to work directly with clients to drive liquidity, including market makers. Liquidity partners maximizing efficiency within the AlphaPoint network will gain access to a multi-jurisdictional customer base, a variety of markets, and a fully developed set of API tools. 
  • Value Added Resellers (VARs): Our Value Added Resellers provide distribution of AlphaPoint capabilities to the wider capital markets community while also providing value-added services and capabilities that some customers require.
  • Consulting/System Integrators (SI): Partners that refer end customer opportunities to AlphaPoint when they feel their customer could benefit from using our software solution.
  • Referral: Individuals, companies, and small firms that provide prospective sales leads to AlphaPoint in exchange for a referral fee.
  • Platform: Our platform partners provide both cutting edge technology as well as digital “rails” distribution networks. Ledger platforms (R3 Corda, DAH, Hyperledger, Ethereum) represent the rails of value for investing in and trading digital assets while leading infrastructure providers (Microsoft Azure and Intel) provide the technology platforms that allow AlphaPoint to provide scale and global reach.


Interested in becoming an AlphaPoint Partner?

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Interested in becoming an AlphaPoint Partner?