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AlphaPoint eOTC Trading Platform

Enable your institutional and high net worth clients to execute large block trades on hundreds of crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat pairs.

White Label Platform
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Scale institutional crypto OTC operations with the exchange technology chosen by over 100 exchange operators:

  • Provide liquidity to large institutions and high net worth individuals
  • Offer custom pricing in real time and execute large orders for clients without market slippage
  • Enable customers to trade on credit without a need to deposit funds in advance
  • Manage settlement with an intuitive interface, and record pre-arranged trades as paired orders with AlphaPoint’s trade reporting facility
  • Gain robust risk management with real-time error checking and support for KYC, AML, and 2FA
  • Access over 100 coins and every major protocol
  • Enjoy peace of mind, with 24/7 account management and support

Built on Solid Ground

Institutional-Grade Platform for Institutional Clients
Competition for institutional and high net worth clients is fierce. Institutional traders are accustomed to state-of-the-art technology platforms and expect the same from their crypto block trading partners. Win and retain more clients with AlphaPoint’s institutional-grade cryptocurrency OTC trading platform.

With AlphaPoint eOTC Trading Platform, you can enable your clients to trade large size orders for their crypto and digital assets in an intuitive, secure, and private environment. Brokers and OTC desks trade clients’ large orders off-market using an elegant and straightforward user-interface, improving the experience for traders and clients alike.

Trade Certainty and Back-Office Simplicity
Maximizing profitability for your operations and for your customers is of paramount importance. AlphaPoint eOTC Trading Platform enables you to offer custom liquidity to your most important clients to maximize trading profits.

Connecting front-office trades with back-office trade reporting is critical to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient operations. Remove the complexity of back-office operations by leveraging AlphaPoint’s proven trade reporting facility with its intuitive user interface to manage settlement, which can record pre-arranged trades as paired orders.

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