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AlphaPoint Wallet and Merchant Ecosystem

A digital wallet ecosystem to power financial systems at a national scale.

Wallet & Merchant Product Features

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AlphaPoint’s full-service Wallet & Merchant Ecosystem is the only proven real-world solution for adoption of cryptocurrency on a countrywide level. Our technology is at the core of El Salvador’s Chivo wallet, the official Bitcoin and Dollar wallet of the Government of El Salvador and the world’s first national crypto wallet.

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitate national cryptocurrency infrastructure
  • Improve economic effectiveness both domestically and abroad
  • Opportunity to usher in a new generation of digital financial literacy and access

1. Retail Mobile App

AlphaPoint’s new mobile app enables users to send and receive dollars and bitcoin directly between users of the app, as well as with external systems on-chain for bitcoin and across 3rd party banking rails for dollars.

This results in a fully integrated financial ecosystem that allows users to use Bitcoin just as easily as they use dollars for daily transactions.

2. Merchant Mobile App

Our merchant app allows businesses to easily integrate, administer and manage customer bitcoin & dollar payments natively within the business.

3. Merchant Processing Interface

The Merchant Processing Interface offers operators a full suite of processing services for streamlined payment management and customer administration.

4. Point of Sale App

Our Point of Sale feature of the merchant app enables businesses to securely authorize employees to issue invoices and collect bitcoin and dollar payments, while offering the capability to automatically convert the bitcoin to dollars.

5. Admin Lite

Admin Lite streamlines customer support by providing secure access to user information for call center operators and managers.

World's first national bitcoin wallet with Chivo



The El Salvadoran government partnered with AlphaPoint to support the frontend and backend infrastructure that powers Chivo, the first national Bitcoin Wallet. Chivo’s launch on September 7th 2021 vaulted El Salvador into the international spotlight as the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, quickly making the digital wallet the most-used fintech application in the country.