Grit Daily House Podcast: ‘Bitcoin or Ethereum? Experts Weigh In’ With Scott Bambacigno


Why wait? Listen now to the full podcast: Bitcoin or Ethereum? Experts Weigh In

AlphaPoint had the pleasure of being a sponsor at Consensus 2023, an immersive experience into the world of Crypto and Web3, including workshops and hard-hitting conversations around the blockchain community. Along the way, AlphaPoint’s Co-founder and VP of Global Sales, Scott Bambacigno, sat down in Austin, Texas with Grit Daily News to discuss the current macro econ trends in crypto.


Accompanied by Eli Moser, AlphaPoint’s Onboarding Specialist, Scott discussed the impact that crypto has had in 2023 due to the rapid pace of change happening in today’s industry. “There is a reason that we are seeing a massive shift in the large players that are interested in coming into the space and tapping into the technology.”

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