APEX 3.5 has Arrived – High Performance Exchange Software


Launch and scale your Exchange, Brokerage, or OTC Trading Desk confidently with AlphaPoint’s best software version ever. APEX 3.5 builds on the reliability of our previous version 3.4.1, while adding new features enabling clients to better market, manage, and develop their business.

Overall performance has improved 1.5x – 80x in key metric areas.

  • 25+ New Features
  • 5 New API Endpoints
  • Up to 350% Faster Start-up Time
  • Up to 80x Increase in Authentications per Minute rate
  • Up to 3.2x Increase in SendOrders per Second and Subscribe to Market Data per Second rates


APEX 3.5 New Features

  • Risk Management Enhancements
  • Fee Enhancements
  • OTC Order Enhancements
  • Large Order Handling Capabilities
  • Advanced Affiliate Payouts
  • Updated CoinMarketCap Integration
  • API Improvements
  • Admin UI Improvements
  • Multi-threading


If you’re interested in exploring what’s possible with our exchange software, Request a Demo or email directly.

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