AlphaPoint Collateral

Website and Collateral are Now Available in Multiple Languages

Introducing New Language Translations

To browse AlphaPoint in one of four available languages, simply select your desired language using the widget floating in red at the bottom-left of our website. By clicking the button,  you’re prompted to select a language preference of Spanish, Chinese, Thai or Korean. If you want to toggle back to English, easily revert using the same selector. This feature is intended to supplement auto-translation capabilities offered by popular web browsers.

Additionally, important collateral materials including our Company Overview and Product Two-Pagers will soon be available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai to give our global audience a localized view of our services and company framework, with additional language translations planned for 2022. As a first-step to this initiative, we have our complete Platform Overview guide for Q1 2022 available for download in Spanish.

The highly configurable nature of our white label exchange software has allowed over 150 clients to launch and operate crypto marketplaces in 35 countries globally, customizing their software to serve a diverse array of user bases with a wide breadth of trading expectations and needs, and adopting to fit equally complicated regulatory and legislative landscapes. To promote effective exchange operation among international clients and seamless communication between exchange operators and AlphaPoint staff, our entire internal Client Wiki is available localized to any native language by request.