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Enterprise-grade security, and role-based access control, facilitate the exchange process and provide compliance features that custodians need to safeguard assets.

AlphaPoint Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Increased custodial opportunities via AlphaPoint’s global network of exchanges and issuance platforms across ~35 countries
  • Ecosystem of integrations for KYC and AML accredited investor checks
  • Configurable dashboard for added control and oversight
  • Turnkey fiat deposit and withdrawal functions
  • Hosting and maintenance of users’ wallets and account balances
  • Single-click access to supporting documents for each corresponding asset
  • $10 billion+ in aggregate volume on the AlphaPoint network

Whether self-custody or relying on third-party institutional custody, the custodian role is critical to all aspects of asset tokenization. AlphaPoint provides the secure, stable institutional grade software solutions that support custodians with optimal transparency.

Find out more about the AlphaPoint solution suite that leverages the evolution of blockchain technology to operate securely and efficiently.

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