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Token Issuers

Illiquid asset owners have long suffered from the discount inflicted on non-traditional assets. The opportunity to extract maximum value through tokenization and liquidity is at hand.

AlphaPoint Asset Digitization Software

Blockchain-based asset digitization technology from AlphaPoint provides clients:
  • Battle-tested, secure technology to create security tokens
  • Digital asset exchange software and liquidity network to realize the full value of an illiquid asset (no premiums)
  • Easy-to-use, browser-based tokenization workflow
  • Built-in API access to KYC and AML providers
  • Technology to support rapid deployment of smart contracts
  • 24/7 system support

Trillions in capital are locked up in illiquid assets such as real estate, commodities, debt, infrastructure investments, private shares and exclusive goods. AlphaPoint provides secure, enterprise-grade blockchain technology to digitize previously illiquid assets and gain access to secondary markets.

Find out more about AlphaPoint Asset Digitization and create new marketplaces for illiquid capital and improve the liquidity of existing financial markets.

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