Washington, DC: National Press Club Ballroom

Bitcoin Policy Summit

April 26, 2023

Bitcoin-Policy-Summit-DC-invite-only-conference-Bitcoin-opportunity-United States-crypto

AlphaPoint will be in attendance at this year’s Bitcoin Policy Summit, a one-day, invite-only policy conference exploring Bitcoin as a strategic opportunity for the United States. Join Reba Beeson and Tristan Thoma to discover innovative methods to help maximize the benefits of Bitcoin for the United States while minimizing the risks. This exclusive conference will focus on the core topics, such as: How Bitcoin is a human rights tool used in the struggle for democracy and global freedom, How the US can leverage Bitcoin as a strategic asset to achieve its geopolitical goals, and How Bitcoin can serve as a unique stabilizer of energy grids and unlikely player in our country’s renewable energy future. 

Held at the heart of the nation’s policies and lawmakers, this year’s Bitcoin Policy Summit will bring a diverse group of speakers, all gathering in DC, to discuss pressing topics involving: national security, energy infrastructure, global competitiveness, and financial inclusion. Notable speakers include: Cynthia Lummis, US Senator, Founder of the Financial Innovation Caucus / Tom Emmer, US House Representative, House Majority Whip / Matthew Pines, Director of Intelligence, Krebs Stamos / Jack Mallers, CEO, Strike / Donna Redel, Adjunct Professor, Fordham Law School / Elijah Bowdre, Chairman, Miami-Dade Cryptocurrency Task Force / Margot Paez, Civil Engineering PhD Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology / David Zell, Co-Founder, Bitcoin Policy Institute / Natalie Brunell, Host, Coin Stories and Hard Money, and others!


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