Live Panel Discussion

Bondex: What’s New in the World of Web 3.0 Employment?

August 12, 2022


AlphaPoint’s CEO, Igor Telyatnikov, will be joining a live panel discussion with Bondex, a Web 3.0 Talent Network where users own part of the ecosystem via tokenized rewards, to discuss ‘What’s New in the World of Web 3.0 Employment’. Join an interactive panel with Bondex’s CEO, Ignacio Palomera, as he discusses the future of Web 3.0 employment alongside tech leaders, each explaining the implications of Web 3.0 for professional opportunities, the way Web 3.0 will change the way we work, and important skills needed to thrive in this emerging Web 3.0 world.

Additional panelists include: Imran Mohamad, Head of Marketing at Kyber Network, Max Song, Founder at Carbonbase, Jake Bjorseth, Founder at Trndsttrs, Eduardo Fonnegra, VP, Marketing & Communications at Bondex, Maxime Paul, Co-Founder – Director of Global Partnerships at atato.

Join the discussion: Friday, August 12th at 11am EST

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