Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina


November 11, 2022 - November 13, 2022

LABITCONF 2022-Crypto-Conference

AlphaPoint will be in attendance at this year’s LABITCONF 2022, taking place November 11-13th at the soccer hub of Buenos Aires, Argentina! Join Latin America’s biggest Bitcoin community, encompassed by crypto lovers and soccer fanatics, all gathered for this year’s World Cup Edition. LABITCONF 2022 will be offering a football tournament, immersive workshop, hackathon, art contest, a journey into the Metaverse, unique NFT collections, and so much more.

Tristan Thoma, AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments, who has led the rollout of El Salvador’s revolutionary Chivo bitcoin wallet, the world’s first national crypto wallet, will be speaking on Chivo’s trailblazing impact in El Salvador, as well as plans to continue helping other countries with their bitcoin adoption!

Additional notable speakers include, Samson Mow, CEO of Pixelmatic and JAN3, Max Keiser, co-founder of Bitcoin Capital, El Zonte Capital & Heisenberg Capital, Stacey Herbert, co-presenter and producer of Keiser Report, and Elizabeth Stark, co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs.

Reach out to the AlphaPoint team in attendance: Patrick Shields, Tristan Thoma, Igor Telyatnikov

If you would like to learn more about AlphaPoint, please email sales@alphapoint.com.

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