Hotel Seehof, Davos

Tech for Peace

May 25, 2022


AlphaPoint will be sponsoring this year’s Tech for Peace’s House of Ukraine event at World Economic Forum, taking place on May 25th in Switzerland! Tristan Thoma, AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments, will be speaking at 1:45 pm ET on the panel discussion ‘The role of tech in stopping the war and rebuilding Ukraine’. Led by Ukrainian representatives, politicians, and tech leaders, this event is embedded with culture and thought provoking insights to establish a faster path to peace in the current Ukraine-Russia war through a DAO based global peace initiative. 

Full Panel:
Bruno Schenk, CEO ATOS
Marik Hazan, Tabula Rasa Ventures
Semyon Dukach, Founding partner One Way Ventures
Tristan Thoma , Direct of Product, Government & Payments AlphaPoint
Moderated by Anastasia Miron, Co-founder Globein

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