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Blockchain technology provides an alternative way to buy, hold, and trade commodities like gold, silver, platinum, lithium, and oil with lower costs and a transparent ledger.

AlphaPoint in Action

In partnership with CME Group and The Royal Mint, AlphaPoint has developed a digital platform that provides a fast, cost-effective, and cryptographically secure method of buying, holding, and trading spot gold. RMG (Royal Mint Gold) is a digital representation of 1 gram of real gold sitting in the Royal Mint vaults. The first digital gold product that is institutionally targeted, RMGs provide real gold that is allocated from a direct ownership standpoint that is completely reserved. RMGs can be traded through digital wallets and investors and traders will be able to take delivery of physical gold if they so wish.

Read more about the RMGs and how distributor ledger technology is a game changer for these types of assets.

Transform physical assets into tradable digital assets.

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