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The rapid growth and popularity of cryptocurrencies has given rise to a world of new markets powered by reimagined trading technology.

Liquidity at Launch

The survival of a crypto exchange is determined by the efficacy of their liquidity network and software.

AlphaPoint is a pioneer in using blockchain technology to creates secure, stable institutional-grade software solutions for the issuance and exchange of digital assets.

AlphaPoint technology enables cryptocurrency exchanges to offer trading of coins and offer strategic currency pairings.

  • 100 different currency pairings
  • Global network of 100+ partnership exchanges
  • Benefits businesses, traders, and consumers

AlphaPoint in Action

In partnership with the London Block Exchange (LBX), AlphaPoint created the first ever digital pound sterling. GBP-Peg (GBPP) is a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of pound sterling (GBP). LBX has a segregated, onshore, and auditable UK bank account dedicated to GBPP and and GBP held in this account is represented by an equivalent number of GBPP tokens on the blockchain.

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This is just one example of how organizations can use blockchain technology to help democratize access to the cryptocurrency markets and create new liquidity opportunities.

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