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Funds & Financial Portfolios

Real-time infrastructure enables instant portfolio changes and greater market insights that revolutionize asset management.

Highly Customizable.
Real Time Market Making.

  • Remove friction from client onboarding process
  • Streamline management of model portfolios
  • Expedite the clearing and settlement of trades
  • Ease compliance issues associated with AML and KYC
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Enhance client investment opportunities

AlphaPoint in Action

Laureate Digital Securities Ltd., a fintech company that integrates blockchain technologies with asset management, has partnered with AlphaPoint to introduce investors to new digital opportunities. Asset digitization combined with an investor portal and secondary trading markets enables traditional investment funds to become tradable on digital security exchanges. AlphaPoint’s technology powers Laureate’s institutional-quality platform offering ,which will expand and democratize access to asset management investment funds.

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