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Real Estate

Blockchain technology cuts out expensive middlemen and streamlines financing, and increases access to capital.

Use Cases

Real estate asset tokenization expedites project timing and gives companies a wider pool of investors.
  • Fractionalize an existing building
  • Fractionalize a project prior to development
  • Create a token to represent a percentage of a mortgage
  • Digitize mortgage-backed securities
  • Digital investment in single family rental market

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Real Estate Tokenization

Download Guide – ‘Real Estate Tokenization’

Learn how the real estate ecosystem is increasing access to capital and liquidity by ‘digitizing’ assets with blockchain technology.

This Guide Covers:

  • Recent History: Who has issued real estate backed security tokens? What have they achieved?
  • Real Estate Tokenization: How property is fractionalized into digital assets, and associated legal structures.
  • Considerations: Liquidity and price discovery, access to investors and capital, secondary market trading and tax implications.
  • Making it real: Real life examples.

AlphaPoint in Action

In partnership with Elevated Returns, AlphaPoint will provide the white label exchange technology powering the secondary market for tokenized real-estate shares, which are secured on the blockchain. This project leverages blockchain technology to offer new investment opportunities in the property market that have historically been subject to huge penalties associated with illiquidity discounts. By issuing digital securities backed by real estate, accredited investors can freely trade fractions of real estate investments on regulated secondary exchanges.

Read more about the Elevated Returns partnership.

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