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Structured Finance

Leverage the efficiency and transparency of blockchain and smart contracts to transform the ABS and MBS industry.

Simplified Securitization.

⌄ Download Guide – ‘Ten Steps to Create a Security Token’

This stream-lined automated approach combined with the ability to manage and track activity provides a new level of trust and accountability that will advance securitization.

  • Ensure integrity of loan assets and protect pledged assets
  • Streamline processes and expedite transactions
  • Eliminate issues with poor documentation and duplicate data
  • Decrease costs and lower risks for all participants
  • Provide a verifiable audit trail for increased security
  • Increase investor interest in securities as risk goes down


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Tokenizing Asset Backed Securities

⌄ Featured Download: Digitize Asset-Backed Securities Using Blockchain

How to Digitize Asset-Backed Securities Using Blockchain
Prepared for a panel discussion with T-REX for the Structured Finance Industry Group’s SFIG Vegas 2019 conference, this presentation elucidates competencies, complex underlying processes, and requirements for security token offerings (STO) for ABS.

This Guide Covers:

  • Security Token Offerings & Blockchain Basics
  • Market Maturation
  • Digital Securitization Workflow: Off-chain oracle support for on-chain securities
  • Benefits of Blockchain to the Asset-Backed Markets
  • Securitization Workflow on Blockchain Technology


Find out how blockchain can advance the traditional structured finance process.

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