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Execute automated trades and onboard new end-users on AlphaPoint exchanges using Telegram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Crypto trading, without leaving your favorite chat app.



AlphaPoint and Alty have collaborated to create the first Exchange-by-Chat. Alty has designed and built a fully functioning API that connects all of your exchange utilities to messaging platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp, allowing your end-users to conduct automated trading using simple in-app commands.

Alty Key Features:

  • Send, receive and exchange tokens using the comm apps your end-users already use
  • Onboard new exchange users instantly using the chat apps
  • AlphaPoint API will automatically create a new user profile and wallet


Already a customer? For more information contact support@alphapoint.com.

Transforming chats into crypto exchange communities.

Download Guide – Alty <> AlphaPoint

Watch the Alty explainer video and request a live demo today on APEX by emailing samir@alty.com.