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CoinDesk News Feed

CoinDesk is now offering AlphaPoint clients an RSS integration feed for 35+ daily news headlines on your exchange platform.

Keep your end-users connected with top industry news.



CoinDesk now offers AlphaPoint customers the option to embed a daily feed of 35+ stories onto your exchange homepage. The RSS feed includes headline, subtitle, and cover image, linking through to the full story at CoinDesk.

Daily news production covers:

  • Latest company and sector news, from crypto startups to global corporations embracing blockchain and digital payments
  • Technology development across the crypto sector and implications for broader market
  • Crypto asset market news and analysis, including relevant commentary for institutional investors
  • Government policy and legislative actions as well as central bank digital currency news from around the world
  • Features and opinion pieces as well


Already a customer? For more information and a live demo on APEX, contact support@alphapoint.com.

CoinDesk embodies "Money Reimagined."

CoinDesk news reports on cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and blockchain technology and how they are contributing to the evolution of the global financial system. CoinDesk cuts through the hype and hyperbole to deliver factual, critical, boots-on-the ground journalism and analysis.