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Keyri QR login is available on the AlphaPoint marketplace to provide simple and secure passwordless MFA for your users.

Intuitive and highly secure MFA for an enhanced user experience

AlphaPoint exchange clients will now have access to best-in-class MFA through our integration partnership with Keyri. Keyri transforms every web app login into a one-step biometrics-based process through QR login, which has accelerated in adoption with large crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi, OKX and others adding it to their login page.

Keyri login suite:

  • QR login
  • Authentication phishing resistance
  • Authentication risk engine
  • Device intelligence


What does it take to integrate with Keyri? For more information contact support@alphapoint.com or support@keyri.com or request a demo directly.

Implement simple and secure QR login with just a few lines of code


Our platform transforms every login into a one-step biometrics-based process that creates a seamless user experience while strengthening account security. Users simply scan a QR code on your login page with their smartphone and pass biometrics in your mobile app to log into your exchange.

Keyri has taken a security by design approach to keep the user experience as streamlined as possible, while stopping bad actors at the front gate. Once the user scans the QR code, Keyri’s risk engine, which is backed by our asymmetric cryptographic keypair approach, takes action to determine whether a user should be let in, warned, or denied at login.

Visit the Keyri and AlphaPoint documentation page to learn more about integration and sign up for Keyri today to get started

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