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Netlok Photolok Login

Netlok's Photolok® uses photos in place of passwords for frictionless login.

Online Security Starts with Protected Entry



To protect your data and privacy, enterprises across the globe have been working to move away from passwords as the primary login method for online access.

Understanding the need for a frictionless user experience, Netlok has developed Photolok® – a login method using photos not passwords.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple – You just locate and click your photo among others on a photo panel
  • Easier – Photos are easier to remember than passwords
  • Secure – You can label a photo for situations where you are concerned about your personal security “Duress” and/or public situations where someone might try to see your photos “Single Use”.


For more information and a live demo on APEX, contact sales@netlok.com.

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Follow these easy steps after clicking:

  1. Click Photolok Login
  2. Enter Alphapoint@netlok.com for the email address and click login
  3. Find and click Login Photo
  4. Find and click second Login Photo

Reducing Vulnerabilities with Situational Security Photos.

Most of us work remotely and are in situations where bad actors can attack us when we are most vulnerable. Photolok solves the problem. If you’re traveling and are forced to open your device by a bad actor, you can click your Duress photo and send email and text alerts to people who can help you. If you are going into a public place and are concerned about shoulder surfing and/or hidden cameras, you can label a photo for 1-time use.


And, there’s more …

Photolok is truly more than a password replacement and an online security solution for the digital world. By randomly displaying photos, Photolok hides the attack point from hackers, provides users with trillions of combinations, and makes BOTS useless. Finally, Photolok can be private labeled to enhance your brand.

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