AlphaPoint Announces Plans for New Public Blockchain Network to Democratize Asset Digitization

New York, Nov. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AlphaPoint, a leading provider of blockchain technology, announced plans today at the Consensus: Invest conference for the AlphaPoint Public Network (APN), the world’s first public blockchain engineered from the ground up on Intel® SGX technology. Users will be able to securely digitize real-world assets across both public and private blockchains, and monetize them across new markets. To fund development of the network, AlphaPoint announced plans for a pre-functional token sale to accredited investors, expected to launch in early 2018.

Tokenization is the process of transforming any asset into fractional shares on a blockchain, providing breakthroughs in fungibility, time-to-liquidity, participant discovery, and ease of transfer. AlphaPoint foresees explosive growth in bringing historically-illiquid assets to market through the token model – including real estate, exclusive goods, debt, and commodities.

With global financial assets amounting to over $225 trillion1 and the world becoming wealthier at an average rate of 5%2 per year, investors are searching for alternative diversification opportunities, evidenced by the record $954 billion3 parked in traditional private buyout funds to date. Shared blockchain infrastructure can create vibrant secondary markets for many of these assets, providing diversification opportunities to investors and alleviating the 20-30%4 “illiquidity discount” incurred by asset holders.

The AlphaPoint Public Network (APN) has been architected as the most confidential, high-performance public blockchain for users to tokenize real-world assets and to develop and run decentralized applications. Unique differentiators include:

  • Hardware-enforced confidentiality of asset data and smart contracts  (via Intel® SGX technology and AlphaPoint TrustedVM™)
  • Every asset tokenized on APN may be migrated across supported public and private blockchains (via AlphaPoint’s Chainbridge™ interoperability tool)
  • Simplified blockchain development, utilizing mature programming languages such as JavaScript and TypeScript

“The primary mission of AlphaPoint is to enable our customers to digitize real-world assets and launch new markets. The proceeds from the planned sale to accredited investors will allow AlphaPoint to build a new public blockchain network that delivers on this mission at a new scale,” said Salil Donde, CEO of AlphaPoint.

An initial sale to accredited investors is expected to commence early in 2018. Participants in the sale will receive IOUs for future utility tokens to power services on the future open network. Proceeds from the sale will be used to build and operate the AlphaPoint Public Network. Please visit and sign up to receive updates.