AlphaPoint joins the Bermuda Monetary Authority Innovation Hub

NEW YORK, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AlphaPoint has announced its membership in the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) Innovation Hub, an innovation track established by the BMA to operate as a platform for exchanging ideas and information around the digital transformation of global financial service sectors. AlphaPoint’s participation in the Innovation Hub will provide interested member companies with access to industry leading financial technology solutions, primarily white label software for launching and operating crypto and digital asset marketplaces.

The BMA, the regulatory body overseeing Bermuda’s financial services sector, originally launched the Innovation Hub initiative in April 2018 in recognition of the growing importance of disruptive innovation in the insurance industry, though the Innovation Hub has now expanded to include a wide breadth of technology partners that play critical roles in improving efficiency and driving competitiveness in evolving markets.

AlphaPoint offers a comprehensive set of white label software tools including: Exchange Technology, Liquidity Solutions, Custody and Yield. These tools have been used to deliver innovative financial products and services by over 150 clients including: Exchange Operators, Brokerages, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers & Market Makers, and Security Token (STO) Exchanges.

“Bermuda and the BMA have provided strong and clear guidelines for digital asset businesses that have attracted many global players to operate under their framework, and AlphaPoint is proud to be the first white label exchange software provider of institutional grade marketplace infrastructure to join the BMA Innovation Hub,” said Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint CEO & Co-founder, “As an institutional-focused software firm, we are motivated by the collaborative efforts of the Bermuda government to enable a streamlined approach to launching new digital asset businesses with appropriate controls driven by our technology.”

Premier David Burt said, “On behalf of the Bermuda Government, I’d like to congratulate AlphaPoint on their membership in the BMA’s Innovation Hub. By expanding upon the services available to participants in this initiative, AlphaPoint is showcasing one of many ways by which Bermuda, as a jurisdiction, is progressing towards the integration of digital asset business activities into traditional financial infrastructure.”

About AlphaPoint
AlphaPoint is a white label software company powering digital asset exchanges worldwide. Through its secure, scalable, and customizable digital asset trading platform, AlphaPoint has enabled over 150 customers in 35 countries to launch and operate digital asset markets, as well as digitize assets. AlphaPoint and its award winning blockchain technology have helped startups and institutions discover and execute their blockchain strategies since 2013.

About BMA
The Bermuda Monetary Authority (Authority or BMA) regulates Bermuda’s financial services sector. The Authority was established by statute in 1969. Its role has evolved over the years to meet changing needs in the financial services sector. Today it supervises, regulates and inspects financial institutions operating in the jurisdiction. It also issues Bermuda’s national currency, manages exchange control transactions, assists other authorities with the detection and prevention of financial crime, and advises Government on banking and other financial and monetary matters.