Icarus Geosystems Launches Latin America and Caribbean-Based Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Paramaribo, Suriname — February 20, 2019 — This month Icarus Geosystems (Icarus), an engineering and procurement company for the oil, gas, and mining industries, announced the launch of its new platform — OuroX — a digital assets and securities exchange powered by AlphaPoint technology, primarily servicing Latin America and the Caribbean. AlphaPoint is a global provider of asset digitization software and digitized asset exchange technology for licensed broker-dealers, ATS, and exchange operators. Leveraging AlphaPoint’s white-labeled exchange technology, Icarus developed OuroX to provide an infrastructure for buyers and sellers to complete transactions at a low cost and a low threshold — a critical bridge between international projects and financiers.

Maya Parbhoe, CEO of OuroX said, “Given the lack of infrastructure currently available to support seamless transactions for international projects, buyers and sellers are forced to communicate in the most traditional way possible — in person. OuroX brings a consistent currency to the Caribbean and Latin America, ensuring the entire marketplace benefits from more liquidity, less volatility, and for the first time ever — efficient transactions via blockchain technology. Icarus is a leader in procurement solutions, and OuroX elevates this status even further. We are thrilled to partner with AlphaPoint, as it is only through their technology and the professional experience of the team that this is possible.”

She continued, “with the population in Latin America and the Caribbean rapidly growing, there is an immediate need for more liquid procurement and payment solutions. OuroX plans to provide cross-border remittances, frictionless mobile and online payments, and a marketplace where suppliers and buyers can connect, with accurate shipping prices and access to urban and remote communities through a mobile app.”

“We are pleased to be working with Icarus and providing our trusted digital asset exchange technology to help power their new products and services. The launch of OuroX will greatly benefit the local economies and entrepreneurs in the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as provide access to digital assets more broadly in the region,” said Igor Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint co-founder and President.

Through its secure, scalable, and customizable distributed ledger technology, AlphaPoint enables customers to digitize assets and operate secondary digital asset markets. Its proprietary distributed ledger technology provides a highly-secured platform for customers like Icarus.