AlphaPoint Founder Joe Ventura joins CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Steering Committee, as AlphaPoint Appoints New Chief Information Security Officer


AlphaPoint, a leading crypto exchange technology provider focused on enabling institutions to launch, scale, and operate digital asset brokerages and exchanges all over the world, today announced its founder Joe Ventura has joined the steering committee of the global security standards body CCSS, along with the appointment of experienced cybersecurity executive Scott Dinnage as AlphaPoint’s new Chief Information Security Officer.

Joe is the latest addition to a carefully curated CCSS committee, which is led by C4 president Michael Perklin and includes open blockchains and bitcoin educator and author Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Joshua McDougall of Kroll and other industry leaders. The steering committee’s mission is to ensure the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4)’s security standards continue to remain up-to-date with industry best practices and maintain neutrality.

“The most secure systems are built through collaborative efforts of many security professionals at every level of industry,” said Joe Ventura. “AlphaPoint has focused on continuously improving security for operators using our white-label exchange platform, and we will use that experience to help progress the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS). For the crypto industry to succeed, open security standards must be available for everyone to audit and implement.”

“AlphaPoint has been a leader in the CryptoCurrency industry for years,” said C4 President Michael Perklin. “As the project’s founder, Mr. Ventura has successfully navigated AlphaPoint and its customers through the security issues and coordinated attacks faced by the industry. As such, Joe’s experience is valuable to the development of the CCSS, and C4 is thrilled to have Mr. Ventura bring this experience to the Steering Committee.”

The internal hiring of Scott Dinnage adds to AlphaPoint’s security team and will accelerate AlphaPoint’s efforts to enhance security in operations and technology. With a background in critical infrastructure cybersecurity, Scott brings 12 years of field experience building and providing cybersecurity products, services, and architecture. He has worked extensively with government organizations to provide cybersecurity guidance, services, programs and technologies to electric utilities across the United States and Canada. Scott has a strong background in cybersecurity development, strategy, governance, architecture, automation and ethical hacking.

“AlphaPoint is taking a proactive position to be thought leaders in the blockchain space – one thing they have prioritized is the need for strong cybersecurity principles that are exemplified by their products,” said Scott Dinnage. “I am looking forward to being a key piece of that strategy going forward.”

AlphaPoint and the cryptocurrency industry have been targeted by various cyber-attacks over the 6 years AlphaPoint has been in business. AlphaPoint has spent the last several months enhancing operational and software security with the help of internal and external experts and has achieved an even higher standard of security, along with obtaining a new insurance policy to protect its customers. AlphaPoint will look to share some of these insights as best practices in the future through its contributions to open source security standards like CCSS.

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