MonetaGo Launches Global Bitcoin Exchange in 35 Markets

New York, April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, MonetaGo is launching a global bitcoin exchange in closed beta. MonetaGo is enabling trading in more than a dozen currencies supported in 24 languages across 35 countries this month, with 50 countries supported by year-end. MonetaGo was founded in 2014, by a multi-national team with expertise in bitcoin, technology, legal and compliance, and financial services.

The MonetaGo team is led by Jesse Chenard, a serial entrepreneur and investor with a host of successful exits under his belt, best known as a founder of Tremor Video (NYSE: TRMR). The rest of the MonetaGo team is comprised of a powerful brain trust that includes the former Creative Director at NASDAQ, co-founder of the bitcoin exchange igot, the president of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, Margaux Avedisian, the former CEO of one of the earliest US-based bitcoin exchanges, as well as talented local directors in South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Mexico, and India.

MonetaGo is focused on security, reliability, global liquidity, and value for its customers. By establishing a global network in partnership with other digital currency companies, MonetaGo enables greater order flow and capacity in local fiat currencies. Built on the AlphaPoint trading platform, the MonetaGo network, with its ability to settle quickly in multiple currencies, makes MonetaGo an ideal partner for a wide range of companies including those focused on B2B global payouts, currency trading, payments and remittances, as well as a variety of merchant services.

“We are very excited to launch MonetaGo’s global exchange today. It is the beginning of a future in financial technologies that will enable the rapid and secure transmission of funds anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost of today’s solutions.” – Jesse Chenard, CEO of MonetaGo

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Like its namesake, Moneta, the ancient Roman goddess who protected the mint, security and protection of customers’ money and privacy is the number one priority for MonetaGo. Through its partners, MonetaGo employs military-grade security systems with multi-firewall, layered architecture and 128-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure just that. MonetaGo maintains full reserves of customer deposits and provides solutions to its customers to mitigate volatility and currency fluctuation risks. MonetaGo is committed to maintaining a comprehensive compliance program tailored to each region of operation that follows all local regulations. We are a registered as money transmitters in every region practicable.

“As a successful entrepreneur from the early days of online video, Jesse saw a similar inflection point in digital currency, and recognized the need for secure, transparent multi-currency settlement.  We’re excited MonetaGo’s team chose our technology, and believe their solution has the potential to expand rapidly across global markets.” – Vadim Telyatnikov, AlphaPoint CEO