AlphaPoint Asia Tour – featuring Scott Bambacigno

AlphaPoint Asia Tour

Scott Bambacigno is a veteran employee at AlphaPoint, living in San Francisco and conducting sales in the APAC region. Scott brings a wealth of professional experience in both traditional tech fields and the blockchain industry, having worked in Silicon Valley for a decade prior to joining AlphaPoint. March 2019 saw Scott embark on a monthlong sales excursion across Southeast Asia representing AlphaPoint at the region’s largest crypto conferences, which included speaking slots and panel presentations in Hong Kong and Bangkok. For each stop of Scott’s tour, he offers a few thoughts on the event.

3.2 – 3.8 | Hong Kong, China, HK Blockchain Week

“The first conference was interesting because there was a particular emphasis on leveraging DLT and blockchain technology as a solution for eliminating operational shortcomings in legacy financial systems. Longstanding financial communications organization SWIFT, which provides a service network to send and receive information about financial transactions, discussed their intent to deploy DLT technology as an upgrade to their legacy systems, providing a better user experience and creating value by decreasing settlement times. There was also a lot of talk about the market efficiencies gained through tokenizing assets on a blockchain.”


3.8 – 3.12 | Bangkok, Thailand, DS Summit 2019


DS Summit 2019 in Bangkok is a one-day conference focused on introducing Digital Securities in Thailand, featuring a selection of global panelists and keynote speakers. Scott’s panel appearance is available to view via the time-stamped videos below:
Defining range of blockchain technologies and associated target markets:
Approach to crypto regulation in Thailand:
Importance of due diligence in crypto investing + advantage of STO/ICO vs. traditional financial instruments:


3.13 – 3.14 | Hong Kong, China, TOKEN 2049


TOKEN 2049 AlphaPoint


TOKEN2049 is the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week. A photo says 2049 words?

3.16 – 3.26 | Singapore + Kuala Lumpur

Scott concluded his trip with a visit to Singapore during Money 20/20 , floating around the city in the peripheral buzz of the conference. Money 20/20 highlights can be viewed here. Singapore is unique in the crypto space as it was one of the first countries to regulate the usage of digital currencies in 2014 by imposing national taxes on it, and continues to play a prominent role in the industry regionally. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there’s a great deal of interest in learning about blockchain’s utility to thaw liquidity in real estate use cases. Interested in discussing AlphaPoint’s asset digitization and exchange technology capabilities directly with Scott Bambacigno? Contact him directly here, and follow him on Twitter @AlphaPointScott