AlphaPoint LATAM Conference Tour – LABITCONF & Adopting Bitcoin


AlphaPoint traveled to Argentina and El Salvador in support of LABITCONF and Adopting Bitcoin conferences, presenting on Chivo’s rollout in El Salvador and the feasibility of bitcoin wallet ecosystems for countries exploring similar national bitcoin strategies. Tristan Thoma, AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments and AlphaPoint’s Chivo project lead, represented AlphaPoint in two panel discussions analyzing 2022 adoption progress of Chivo/Bitcoin in El Salvador and an evaluation of platform trajectory going forward.


Argentina’s LABITCONF took place November 11-13th at the soccer hub of Buenos Aires, Argentina, gathering together LATAM’s greater Bitcoin community for this year’s “World Cup Edition”. Tristan was joined onstage for the ‘Chivo 1-Year Recap’ panel by Michael Peterson from Bitcoin Beach, Lorenzo Rey from ULTER/Chivo, Alejandro Muñoz from Torres Legal (El Salvador), and moderated by Matías Goldenhorn from Athena.


AlphaPoint paired our Argentinian event appearance with a second main stage panel session at El Salvador’s Adopting Bitcoin – A Lightning Summit conference. Taking place only days later on November 15-17th at the Crowne Plaza hotel in the capital city of San Salvador, the Lightning Summit brought together a technical audience of developers and programmers for three days of educational sessions. Tristan took the audience on an educational journey exploring Chivo Wallet’s residual impact on boarding nations beyond El Salvador and the future of Bitcoin in the region as El Salvador continues to serve as the blueprint for other nations to follow for global adoption. Tristan was joined on stage by Peter Young, Stina Liland from Bitrefill, Guillermo Contreras from DitoBanx, Will Hernandez from Paxful, Aaron van Wirdum from Bitcoin Magazine, and Alex Leishman from River Financial.

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