AlphaPoint in El Salvador for World Bitcoin Day

Sky art - El Salvador - AlphaPoint
Drone art in the night sky

AlphaPoint was on the ground in El Salvador for World Bitcoin Day on September 7, 2021, when the Bitcoin law officially came into effect nationwide. Supported by the Bitcoin Foundation, we joined a larger delegation of Bitcoin and crypto industry representatives to celebrate El Salvador as it became the first nation to officially embrace Bitcoin as legal tender.

Facilitated by the launch of its state-run ‘Chivo’ Bitcoin wallet, patrons now have the freedom of choice to pay with USD or Bitcoin, while merchants have equal flexibility in their decision to receive either currency option — providing additional socioeconomic empowerment and expanded financial inclusion.

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Our team celebrated World Bitcoin Day near ‘Bitcoin Beach’ in El Zonte, a surf community and popular vacation site that has used Bitcoin as the primary medium of exchange for over three years. Local merchants were present at the ceremony accepting payment in Bitcoin, and the night was capped off by a brilliant visual display of drone art in the night sky.

AlphaPoint is proud to serve as ambassadors and stewards for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency globally and we’re grateful for the opportunity to educate Salvadorans on the power of blockchain technology as the country pushes towards a future of abundance. We felt that it was imperative to interact on a ground level with Salvadorans, connecting with them to understand their unique cultural perspective as they take a pioneering step toward enabling country-wide access to cryptocurrency and adapt to the financial and economic freedoms encountered as a first-mover. We’re confident that President Nayib Bukele’s leadership in correcting global monetary policy will solidify the country as a hub of global innovation and a landing point for innovative thinkers from the fintech sector.

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