AlphaPoint Team Travels to El Salvador After Chivo Launch

AlphaPoint traveled to El Salvador on March 21, 2022 for a week-long company outing! As a globally distributed work force, the outing brought the team together from all parts of the world to finally meet in person and enjoy a week of travel, excursions, workshops, team building activities, and an opportunity to learn more about the company and each other.


Shared activities opened up the team to understand each other’s individual value contributions to AlphaPoint, as different sectors of the company came together for Hackathon exercises, inter group huddles and sprints, and even a celebration for International Women’s Day. The International Women’s Day event honored the women of AlphaPoint with a 2 hour spa day for each employee, a trip to the pool, and outdoor sushi meal. This was a time to honor our hard-working employees as part of AlphaPoint’s initiative to maintain our core values and team appreciation.

Continuing to develop our team’s connection to El Salvador is critical as we work towards optimizing the country’s national Bitcoin wallet, Chivo. AlphaPoint takes pride in our partnership with the El Salvadoran government to support the frontend and backend infrastructure powering the digital wallet. Our integration fused the entire ecosystem of the wallet including the mobile application, mobile point-of-sale processing, merchant website portal, call-center support software, and administrative console, as well as adding Lightning capability for instantaneous low-fee Bitcoin transactions. This was also made possible via QR and Lightning addresses, which allow for micro-payments down to a single satoshi (under a penny).

Chivo delivered financial literacy to a country where 70% of  the population was previously unbanked. Witnessing first-hand the positive impact of Bitcoin nationalization at a ground level, including a 30% increase in tourism, was extremely rewarding. It is our vision to replicate bitcoin nationalization elsewhere globally and continue paving the way for other countries to access crypto based open financial systems. 

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