Blockchain Magazine – In Conversation With Igor Telyatnikov

Blockchain Magazine - Igor Telyatnikov

AlphaPoint Co-Founder & CEO Igor Telyatnikov speaks with Blockchain Magazine about his vision for blockchain technology’s impact on the future of finance.

Can you tell us what inspired you to pursue this career path? What do you want others to take from your story?
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology have fascinated me since first learning about them in 2012. The concept of creating a global fabric of trustless value and data exchange is as captivating an idea now as it was then. Once I learned about the technology, I began exploring different avenues of involvement, which led me to invest time and capital in mining and trading businesses, and eventually to cofounding AlphaPoint. It’s important to remember that we’re still early adopters in a nascent industry, and there are countless opportunities for involvement in the space for those passionate about this revolutionary technology.

Could you tell us about any of the interesting projects that you are working on currently?
I’m motivated daily by our work with customers and partners to expand access to digital assets globally. We have many exciting projects around the world that are launching state of the art STO platforms and growing new marketplaces for cryptocurrencies and asset backed tokens.

Is there a particular person who you would like to credit with helping you get to where you are? Can you share an anecdote about that?
An early inspiration in the space was David Johnston, who is now an advisor to AlphaPoint and a friend. I recall meeting David at an early bitcoin conference where he coined the term, “If it can be decentralized, it will be decentralized” and voiced some forward-thinking concepts around tokenization of assets beyond currency.

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