Money20/20 Europe & BTC Prague – Event Wrap Up


AlphaPoint traveled overseas to sponsor Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam and speak at Bitcoin Prague in the Czech Republic.

Money20/20 Europe 2023

With attendance of 8,000+ and the participation of 2,300 companies, Money20/20 Europe was meeting place for both established leaders and emerging challengers across the fintech field. This event brought together giants in payments and custody, TradeFi banks and fast-growing DeFi startups alike, uniting key players in the world of finance to access vital knowledge, stay informed on industry trends, gain expert insights, and explore groundbreaking ideas.

BTC Prague 2023

BTC Prague was Europe’s largest Bitcoin conference focusing specifically on bitcoin education, onboarding, and adoption, with an accessible and welcoming feel to the event made possible by low-cost tickets. As the preeminent gathering in Central Europe, BTC Prague featured an incredible speaker lineup with Bitcoin experts, developers, entrepreneurs, influencers and business professionals, including our own Tristan Thoma who spoke on ‘Bitcoin as a National Currency’. With more than 100 companies and booths on the floor, nearly 5,000 attendees gathered over 3-days to talk to mining businesses, wallet providers, Bitcoin book shops, education organizations and countless other Bitcoin-related businesses.

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