Scott Bambacigno on Sunny Bitcoin Podcast – Start your own crypto exchange in only 60 days



AlphaPoint Head of Global Sales Scott Bambacigno speaks with Sunny Bitcoin Podcast host Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Goenka about AlphaPoint’s ready-to-go-live software offering for anyone interested in running a crypto exchange. They discuss AlphaPoint’s exchange software, their new products like yield platform and the digital asset token platform, some great takeaways from Scott’s recent Bitcoin Miami trip and finally his views on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other altcoins.

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00:00 Introduction

01:26 Your background and how you got involved in crypto

02:34 Background of AlphaPoint’s founders and their vision with AlphaPoint

03:27 Products AlphaPoint offers and who is your target customer

04:34 Volume of trade AlphaPoint powered exchanges do

05:12 Who are your existing customers

06:56 What is the benefit of running a crypto exchange powered by AlphaPoint vs building their own

09:48 Is it true that someone can start an exchange powered by AlphaPoint in 60 days

12:32 Does AlphaPoint support mobile crypto exchange apps

14:02 What are the security and risk management features AlphaPoint provides

18:37 How does the pricing work

20:00 Is it correct that a new crypto exchange could start with AlphaPoint but later build the software internally

24:22 How large is the team and where are you based out of

25:17 Tell more about the new products like yield platform and asset digitization

29:29 Does AlphaPoint support NFTs

30:32 Any new products

31:10 How was Bitcoin Miami

32:17 Is Bitcoin Miami for bitcoin maxis or suitable for bitcoin noobs also

33:53 Any key takeaways from Bitcoin Miami

36:08 What’s your take on the current bitcoin price

37:57 Your views on Ethereum and Dogecoin

41:10 How can people find you and AlphaPoint

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