Token2049 – Event Wrap Up


Token2049 AlphaPoint Highlights

AlphaPoint proudly sponsored Token2049, gathering around entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and industry enthusiasts to define what’s next in the digital asset space.

At Token2049, AlphaPoint exchanged ideas with over 7k fintech industry leaders and high-impact contributors driving blockchain and fintech innovation in South East Asia. Token2049 was an unforgettable two-day conference composed of 70+ speakers and 50+ side events.

AlphaPoint supported the largest gathering of industry pioneers in Singapore, networking with hundreds of forward-thinking leaders at our expo booth. On the floor, our events team conducted demos of AlphaPoint’s white label exchange software to members of financial institutions, banks and brokerages, and FOREX groups from around the world.

AlphaPoint also hosted an exclusive cocktail networking event during Token2049, along with leading companies: Sumsub, LBank, IVC, and Crystal. The evening was filled with strong networking connections by fellow crypto professionals and industry leaders, along with expert mixologists crafting signature crypto-themed cocktails.

As a pioneering white label software provider powering crypto exchanges and digitizing assets globally, AlphaPoint continues to drive financial inclusion through innovative crypto solutions, as crypto adoption continues growing exponentially. 

Token2049: Top 5 Key Highlights

  1. Financial Institutional Players Involvement: Traditional financial institutions such as banks, brokerages, investment fund managers, and institutional investors are increasingly entering the digital assets marketplace. This shift is driven by the growing interest and demand for digital assets among their clients. These institutions are starting to offer services related to cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and blockchain technology, recognizing the potential for new revenue streams and investment opportunities in this space.
  2. Fintech Infrastructure Development: The development of fintech infrastructure is on the rise. This is partly due to increased regulatory clarity in many jurisdictions, which has provided a more stable and predictable environment for fintech companies to operate. Additionally, the demand from investors for fintech solutions, including digital asset management and trading platforms, has spurred the growth of fintech infrastructure development.
  3. Global Regulatory Framework: There is a growing trend towards the establishment of a synchronized global regulatory framework for centralized exchanges and digital assets. This harmonization of regulations across different countries and regions is essential for the growth and stability of the digital asset market. It helps reduce regulatory arbitrage and fosters trust among investors, making it easier for institutions to participate in the space.
  4. Engagement with Policy Makers: The fintech community recognizes the importance of engaging with policy makers and regulators. This engagement is crucial for shaping market regulations that strike a balance between protecting investors and fostering innovation. Fintech companies, industry associations, and other stakeholders need to provide insights and guidance to ensure that regulations are well-informed and supportive of the rapidly evolving fintech landscape.
  5. Enforcement as Regulatory Tool: Enforcement remains a key tool in regulators’ efforts to maintain the integrity of the financial industry, especially in emerging areas like digital assets. Regulators use enforcement actions to deter fraudulent activities, market manipulation, and non-compliance with established rules. This enforcement not only protects investors but also helps maintain the credibility of the market.

Here’s a look back at AlphaPoint’s own favorite moments from Token2049 2023:





In conclusion, Token2049 was a testament to the resilience and innovation of the crypto and blockchain industry. The event’s diverse range of topics and discussions underscored the ongoing evolution of this transformative technology. As the crypto space continues to mature and adapt, events like Token2049 play a crucial role in shaping the future of this dynamic industry. With a renewed commitment to decentralization, sustainability, and collaboration, the crypto community is poised to make significant strides in the coming years, ultimately reshaping the global financial landscape.

Do you want to learn more about Singapore’s crypto landscape? Check out our latest blogpost to explore Singapore’s role in boosting cryptocurrency adoption in the Asia-Pacific region, as the country aims to strengthen its position as an international financial hub through digital innovation and fintech development.

If we didn’t have a chance to meet you at Token2049, schedule a meeting with our team to discuss how our white label software services align with your digital asset strategy, including our exchange/marketplace platform, liquidity solutions, and custody tools. Click here to learn more. Follow AlphaPoint on Twitter and LinkedIn, and check out all of our upcoming Events. 🚀

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