Tristan Thoma Speaks at World Crypto Economic Forum 2022


AlphaPoint’s Director of Product, Government & Payments, Tristan Thoma, joins World Crypto Economic Forum to discuss the first year of the Chivo Wallet with host Tatiana Moroz, including conversation on the ongoing progress for El Salvador’s bitcoin ecosystem as well as the feasibility of bitcoin nationalization in other developing countries.

AlphaPoint has helped power the world’s first National Bitcoin wallet as El Salvador made history being the 1st country in the world to make Bitcoin Legal Tender. When El Salvador announced the law, the President announced that Chivo Wallet would be the official app/system to support Bitcoin transactions for the entire country. The system of Chivo, and all the global developments inspired by it, are ushering in a new generation of digital financial literacy and access. Tristan explains how national infrastructure is expanding from roads and hospitals to include access to global financial systems with borderless payments and accessible financial tools for everything with a smartphone.

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