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Exchange Operators

Go to market faster, and gain immediate liquidity, with AlphaPoint's full stack digital asset exchange technology and software solution.

Over 100 Exchange Operators Choose AlphaPoint

Over 100 exchange operators across 35 countries have chosen AlphaPoint Exchange Software to enable investors to trade crytpocurrencies, security tokens, and other digital assets.

AlphaPoint Advantages:

  • Secure, trusted platform built by experienced capital market developers from DirectEdge, BATS, NYSE, Nasdaq, and CME brokerages
  • Ready-made front end tool set allows operators to design and deploy a custom UI within hours
  • Customized launch support with QA, UI customization, and marketing
  • Global liquidity with all national and digital currencies supported
  • Access to over 100 coins and every major protocol
  • Real-time error checking and KYC, AML, 2FA integration
  • Access to 24/7 account management and support
  • Built to scale and able to support the market’s steepest volume spikes
  • Instant access to a global network of liquidity


AlphaPoint in Action: Bitvo


Powered by AlphaPoint’s Exchange software, Bitvo is a state of the art cryptocurrency exchange founded by experienced Canadian financial entrepreneurs, with a business focus on regulatory compliance, operational transparency, and internal accountability. Read the complete Bitvo story here.



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