AlphaPoint Executives Showcase Cutting-Edge White Label Bitcoin Exchange Suite at FinovateEurope

New York & London, Feb. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today AlphaPoint, the leading white label digital currency exchange provider, pulled back the curtain on a range of new features for its currency exchange platform at Finovate’s London conference.  Finovate highlights breakthroughs in financial technology to an audience of executives, investors, analysts, and entrepreneurs, and AlphaPoint is one of just a handful of Bitcoin firms to present in the conference’s history.

“We are incredibly excited to have AlphaPoint unveil its brand-new white label exchange platform at FinovateEurope2015,” said Eric Mattson, CEO of Finovate. “We selected AlphaPoint to present because their technology helps merge the world of bitcoin and digital currencies with traditional finance, demonstrating how financial institutions can stay ahead of the curve as the future of finance is shaped.”

Despite recent price volatility, investment activity in Bitcoin has continued to boom.  Venture capital investment in digital currency startups increased from $91.84 million in 2013 to $362.26 in 2014, on par with 1995 investments made in early Internet startups like Yahoo, Ebay, and Amazon, while merchant adoption of Bitcoin has gone up fourfold during the same period.  Over the past several months, large, established financial institutions, such as the NYSE and BBVA, have likewise made forays into the space.  Investors in AlphaPoint include Ben Franklin Technology Partners, DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg, Scott Becker of Google-acquired Invite Media, former SEI executive Ken Zimmer, and Crypto Currency Partners.  This past November, AlphaPoint announced a deal with Hong Kong-based Bitfinex, the world’s largest BTCUSD exchange, to replace Bitfinex’s existing backend technology.

AlphaPoint’s seven-minute demo at Finovate gave attendees a look into the platform’s the revamped frontend, with Founder and CTO Joe Ventura and VP of Sales Scott Bambacigno highlighting the following:

  • Flexible, Modular Architecture – The new drag-and-drop, widget-base frontend allows financial institutions and other clients to launch faster than ever and refine their products with unprecedented depth and ease.
  • Performance + Scalability – The enterprise-grade backend is capable of processing nearly 1 million transactions per second and utilizes military-grade security.  The platform supports FIX and FAST API connections to allow traditional financial institutions to easily connect.

“Our vision is to make it as seamless as possible for mainstay financial institutions to embrace digital currencies,” said Ventura, who has over 15 years of software architecture experience at firms such as Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Merrill Lynch.  “We designed the system from the ground up with security and massive scalability in mind, and are excited to add these new frontend features to make integration into existing web products even easier for our clients.”

AlphaPoint’s platform is currently used by nearly 20 exchanges across 6 continents.