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Kii Global Innovates Across Boarders


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The fintech industry is expanding rapidly around the world, with companies leveraging innovative technologies to transform financial services. A key driver of fintech growth is the adoption of digital assets and blockchain to streamline payments, banking, investing and more. However, building the infrastructure to support enterprise-scale digital asset capabilities presents daunting complexity and costs. This case study profiles how AlphaPoint, a leading fintech infrastructure provider, enabled a Latin American firm called Kii Global to overcome barriers and quickly launch transformative digital asset solutions for cross-border business payments in the region.

About Kii Global

Kii Global is a vertically integrated fintech company based in Colombia. It’s the first blockchain ecosystem of the region for emerging finance markets.

The Kii ecosystem is made up of three solutions:

  1. ⁠Kii Blockchain: EVM compatible Cosmos based layer 1 for emerging finance markets.
  2. KIIEX: Local centralized exchange providing the rails for payment settlement in the region.
  3. Supporting infrastructure: Mobile and Web Wallet (DeFi/CeFi optional), Custom explorer and Custom Docs.

The company was founded by financial industry veterans who personally experienced the major pain points with traditional systems for business payments and remittances involving multiple countries in the region. Transferring money internationally was notoriously slow, expensive and labor intensive – requiring endless paperwork with banks in different locales.

They realized that digital assets and blockchain technology could significantly alleviate these issues if the right infrastructure was in place. This led them to establish Kii Global with the mission to provide that infrastructure and associated products to transform cross border transactions for enterprises across Latin America.


While the Kii Global team recognized the promise of digital assets for improving business payments, building enterprise-grade infrastructure from scratch presented prohibitive barriers.

Some of the major challenges they faced included

  • Lack of internal digital asset exchange expertise – While knowledgeable about market needs, Kii Global did not have the specialized skills to build a custom exchange platform
  • Extensive development timelines – Creating exchange software and integrations fully in-house would take well over a year even for basic functionality
  • High upfront costs – Building or licensing specialized exchange software requires significant upfront financial investment. Ongoing infrastructure expenses would also remain high
  • Limited flexibility – A fully custom developed exchange would have limited out-of-the box compatibility with third party market makers, liquidity providers, APIs, analytics tools and more. Extensive additional integration work would be needed.

It was clear Kii Global needed to find a partner who could provide a purpose-built exchange solution to overcome these barriers to rapidly launch products for their target customers.

The Solution

After evaluating alternatives, Kii Global selected AlphaPoint to provide a white-label digital asset exchange platform with the features and capabilities aligned with their business goals.

Some of the key benefits that drove AlphaPoint’s selection included:

  • Read-to-launch exchange software – The platform was pre-built with all core exchange functionality ready from day one This enabled Key Global’s offerings to market in months instead of years.
  • Turnkey deployment – AlphaPoint handled technical implementation, configuration and launch execution for getting the exchange up and running quickly.


  • Customization – The exchange software provided flexible white-labeling options for tailoring to Kii Globall’s brand, products, workflows, user experience and more.
  • Scalability – AlphaPoint’s platform offered extensive performance, redundancy and security capabilities to reliably scale as Kii Global’s offerings and user base grows
  • Liquidity & integrations – Exchange software seamlessly connected to AlphaPoint’s relationships with major digital asset liquidity providers out-of-the-box Third party fintech APIs for analytics, compliance, etc integrated easily.


  • Operational cost efficiency – Leveraging AlphaPoint’s purpose-built and hosted exchange platform minimized expensive ongoing infrastructure expenses.
  • Reduced risks – Relying on AlphaPoint’s battle-tested exchange software, honed over a decade of real-world deployments, AlphaPoint’s established software mitigated multi million dollar costs and technical uncertainties with fully custom development.


Within just months of licensing AlphaPoint’s digital asset exchange, Kii Global was able to launch products tailored for cross-border business payments across Latin America – onboarding users rapidly Traction exceeded expectations with monthly transaction volume topping $20 million within the first four months. The exchange continues to expand, providing the core infrastructure enabling tokenization of real world assets locally – one of the biggest emerging use cases for blockchain technology.

Key Learnings

The success unlocking transformative digital asset fintech innovation in Latin America quickly demonstrates several key learnings:

  • Specialized digital asset software is instrumental – Building enterprise quality exchange infrastructure fully in-house without focused subject matter expertise is an immense challenge Platforms like AlphaPoint provide foundational capabilities out-of the-box so companies can focus on their core offerings.
  • Speed to market unlocks value – Even if eventually growing fully custom, starting with purpose-built software yields huge time-to-market advantages over proprietary development.
  • Scale requires flexibility – Forward compatibility and ecosystem connectivity are crucial for reacting to user needs and scaling AlphaPoint’s focus on extensibility and third-party integrations created an expansion runway.


The ability to leverage AlphaPoint’s tailored yet adaptable exchange solutions was instrumental for Kii Global to rapidly deliver innovative fintech products addressing major needs in Latin America. It exemplifies how AlphaPoint’s infrastructure technology can equip pioneering companies worldwide to deploy digital asset innovations at enterprise scale.

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